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Index page for: Applied Numerical Methods for Food and Agricultural Engineers

Table of Contents Units and DimensionsA Concise Treatise on FORTRANNumerical MethodsNumerical DifferentationReal Roots of Algebraic EquationsNumerical IntegrationSolution of Linear Algebraic EquationsLeast Squares ApproximationSolution of Initial and Boundary Value ProblemsSolution of Partial Differential EquationsErrorsFinite Element MethodsDimensional AnalysisMethods of Dimensional AnalysisModel Testing for Scaling UpApplicationsAir PsychrometricsTubular Heat Exchanger with Annular FinHeat Transfer Coefficient in Puffing of RiceResidence Time of a Particle Inside a Cyclone SeperatorDrying Simulation using Diffusion and Thin-Layer ConceptsAppendicesIndex