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Index page for: Food Plant Economics

Table of Contents INTRODUCTIONFood SystemFood Process TechnologyFood Plant EconomicsEconomic Analysis of Food Processing PlantsFood Research and Development STRUCTURE OF THE FOOD INDUSTRY Food SystemsOVERVIEW OF FOOD PROCESS AND PLANT DESIGN Food Process Design Food Plant Design Food Plant Utilities Food Plant Economics PROCESS ENGINEERING ECONOMICS Money Flow in a Business Enterprise Capital Cost Manufacturing Cost Cash Flow Analysis Plant Profitability Sensitivity Analysis CAPITAL COST OF FOOD PLANTS Quotations from Fabricators Equipment Cost Estimation Data for Preliminary Equipment Cost Estimation Short-Cut Equipment Sizing OPERATING COST OF FOOD PLANTS Raw Materials Food Product Cost Data Packaging Materials Utilities Utility Cost Estimating Model Labor Labor Cost Estimation Model FOOD PRESERVATION PLANTS Tomato Paste Plant Orange Juice Concentration Plant UHT Sterilized Milk Plant Fruit Canning Plant Vegetable Freezing Plant Vegetable Dehydration Plant Techno-Economic Comparison Suppliers of Major Food Processing Equipment FOOD MANUFACTURING PLANTS Bread Manufacturing Plant Yogurt Manufacturing Plant Wine Processing Plant Economic Comparison FOOD INGREDIENTS PLANTS Beet Sugar Plant Overview of Process Plant Optimization APPENDIX Glossary of Economic Terms Notation and Conversion to SI Units Useful Thermophysical Properties of Water Thermophysical Properties of Some Food Materials Rheological Properties Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients Accompanying CD INDEX