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Index page for: Food Biosensor Analysis

Table of Contents Biosensors: Current and Future Prospects, Ahmad A. Suleiman and George G. Guilbaut The Need for Biosensors in the Food Industry and Food Research, John R. Whitaker Enzyme Electrodes for Food Analysis, Ursula Bilitewski Biosensors Based on Fluorimetric Fiber-Optic Detection, Bernhard P. H. Schaffar Fiber-Optics Biosensors Based on Luminometric Detection, LoIc J. Blum, Sabine Marie Gautier, and Pierre Raymond Coulet Whole-Cell and Tissue Sensors, Klaus Riedel Piezoelectric Immunosensors and Their Applications in Food Analysis, George G. Guilbault and John H. T. Luong Enzyme Thermistors for Food Analysis, Bengt Danielsson Postcolumn Detection, Rudolf Galensa The State of the Art, Gabriele Wagner