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Berry Fruit: Value-Added Products for Health Promotion


ISBN10: 849358027
ISBN13: 9780849358029

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 448
Publish date: juni 2007

Provides the most up-to-date data in tables and figures for ease of reference Covers the chemistry of bioactive compounds in berry fruit and their health benefits Describes port-harvest handling for safety and quality Presents processing technologies for developing value-added products Offers critical reviews, recent research, case studies and references Highly valued for its unique flavors, textures, and colors, recent research has shown berry fruit to be high in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, and other beneficial functional compounds. The food industry has also widely used berry fruits in beverages, ice cream, yogurts, and jams. With the rapidly growing popularity of this unique crop it is important to have a single resource for all aspects of the industry from production technologies to nutritional and health benefits. Drawing on the knowledge of leading international experts, Berry Fruit: Value-Added Products for Health Promotion is a comprehensive reference on the handling, use, and functional components of berry fruit. Beginning with an introduction to the current state of the industry, the book covers worldwide production and trends specific to each berry including annual, perennial, and off-season systems. The contributors go into great detail regarding the chemical composition of berries including carbohydrates, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and the functionality of pigments such as anthocyanins. Chapters address quality and safety concerns during post-harvest handling and storage, deterioration and microbial safety for the fresh market, and techniques to extend shelf-life including cold-storage and controlled atmosphere packaging. Finally, an extensive section highlights processing technologies and the production of value-added foods such as freezing, dehydrating, and canning, preserves, jellies, and jams, and the intelligent use of processing by-products. Presenting scientific background, research results, and critical reviews, as well as case studies and references, Berry Fruit: Value-Added Products for Health Promotion provides a valuable resource for current knowledge and further research and development of berry fruit for the food industry.