GEA Niro Soavi S.p.A.

Via da Erba Edoari, 29
43100 Parma

Telefoon: +39 0521-96 54 11
Fax: +39 0521-24 28 19
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Soavi Bruno & Figli, specialized in dairy production systems, was first established in Parma, Italy, in 1947, and it soon committed to engineering and producing high pressure homogenizers. Thanks to the introduction of innovative technical opportunities the company expanded towards new international markets to become a point of reference for the whole Europe.
Growth was combined to research and development of new solutions and reliability, with systems that could reach increasingly high pressure ranges for newer and more complex applications.
In 1990 the company was acquired by Danish Niro Atomizer thus becoming Niro Soavi S.p.A. and continued consolidating its presence in worldwide markets with dynamic high pressure homogenizers and pumps, the one and only technology the company has always developed.
In 1993, Niro Soavi became part of the GEA Group.

Today, with thousands of systems operating all over the world, GEA Niro Soavi is the world leader for high pressure homogenizers and pumps, both in terms of technology and market presence.
GEA Niro Soavi offers the widest variety of solutions to the market, from small companies to leading international corporations, combined with total reliability of components.

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