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Alfa Laval is the global leader in its three key technologies
  • heat transfer
  • separation
  • fluid handling
Heat transfer
Alfa Laval has led the development of heat transfer technology since the company entered this field in 1931 by supplying pasteurizing equipment for the dairy industry. Today, the company offers numerous energy saving solutions for
  • heating
  • cooling
  • heat recovery
  • evaporation
  • condensation
  • ventilation
  • refrigeration
Ever since Alfa Laval was established in 1883 to capitalize on Gustaf de Laval’s invention, the cream separator, separation has been a central part of the operations. The technology is used to separate liquids from other liquids and solid particles from liquids. Recently, the use of the technology has been extended to include separation of particles from gases.

Fluid handling
Transporting and regulating fluids in a safe and efficient manner is crucial for industry. Alfa Laval’s fluid handling equipment such as pumps, valves, tank equipment and installation material move fluids cleanly, efficiently and gently.

In recent years, Alfa Laval has focused on hygienic fluid handling in which the hygiene requirements are stringent. The equipment is used in the production of beverages, dairy products, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

Complete process lines:
  • beer, wine, fruit juice and other beverages
  • biofuels
  • dairy
  • palm and olive oil refinery
  • starch
  • sugar
  • yeast
  • biotech and pharmaceuticals

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