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Produce Degradation: Pathways and Prevention


ISBN10: 849319021
ISBN13: 9780849319020

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 696
Publish date: März 2005

Presents comprehensive discussions of mechanisms of produce degradation and preventative measures Includes degradative changes caused by microorganisms enzymes and other factors Covers mechanisms of lipid and carbohydrate degradation and protein instability Produce Degradation is the first book to focus on the processes that result in produce quality deterioration and their prevention. It addresses the mechanism of reactions that affect produce quality under conditions from the farm to the table. It also reviews the degradative changes and conditions that favor these processes, such as the biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, polymer and cellular science, and genetics. Written by experts in the field, topics include the mechanisms of nutrient loss, pigment degradation, cell tissue and membrane degradation, the genetic basis of product stability, the role of water and moisture in produce quality, and prevention during transport.