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The Flavonoids Advances in Research Since 1986


ISBN10: 412480700
ISBN13: 9780412480706

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $561.00
Pages: 676
Publish date: September 1993

Systematically reviews each class of flavonoid in terms of isolation, identification, synthesis, biosynthesis, and bioactivity Compares recently discovered flavonoids to existing compounds Includes numerous tables, formulae, and references Covers areas of flavonoid pharmacology, biosynthesis, and genetics Flavonoids are a group of natural products isolated from a wide variety of plants, and are responsible for much of the coloring found in vascular plants. They exhibit a wide range of biological activities and are of particular interest as potential anti-cancer agents, as insect antifeedants, and as natural insecticides. The Flavonoids: Advances in Research Since 1986 is a self-contained account of this important group of plant products.