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Concept Research in Food Product Design and Development

Author: Howard R. Moskowitz , Sebastiano Porretta , Mattias Silcher

ISBN13: 9780813824246

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €160.00
Pages: 597
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: April 2005

1. The Business Environment and the Role of Concept Research in that Environment. Part I: Nuts & Bolts, Raw Materials & Ratings. 2. Single Benefits Screening (promise testing) and more Complex Concept Testing. 3. Ideation Strategies & Their Deployment in Concept Development. 4. From Questions and Scales to Respondents and Field Execution. Part II: Experimental Designs, Graphics, Segments and Markets. 5. Systematic Variation of Concept Elements and the Conjoint Analysis Approach. 6. Concepts as a Combination of Graphics. 7. Segmentation Results and the Differential Importance of Categories. 8. International Research and Transnational Segmentation (Chapter written by Bert Krieger). Part III : Advanced Analytics. 9. Believing the Results: Reliability and Validity. 10. Response time as a Dependent Variable in Concept Research. 11. Children Compared with Adults. 12. Pricing Issues in Early-stage Concept Research. 13. Analyzing a Study: Casual-dining Restaurant. 14. Creating Products from Concepts and Vice Versa. 15. Exploratory Modeling and Mapping, Simulating New Combinations, Data Mining. Part IV: Putting the Approaches to Work. 16. Developing from the Ground up: Self-authoring Systems for Text and Package Concepts (Chapter written by Alex Gofman). 17. Deconstruction and competitive intelligence. 18. Bottom-up Innovation: Creating Product Concepts from First Principles (Chapter written by Roberto Cappuccio). 19. Creating a Cyberspace Innovation Machine (Chapter written by Laurent Flores and Andrea Maier). Part V: Databasing. 20. Creating an Integrated Database from Concept Research – The It! Studies (Chapter written by Hollis Ashman and Jacqueline Beckley). 21. Highlights and insights from The It! Studies: Crave It! and Eurocrave (Chapter written by Tracy Luckow). 22. Highlights and Insights from the Drink It!® Study (Chapter written by Angus Hughson). 23. Understanding Brand Names in Concepts. 24. Emotion in concepts (Chapter written with the help of Hollis Ashman). Part VI: The Grand Overview. 25. Concept Development and the Consumer-insights Business (Chapter with the help of Jeffrey Ewald). 26. Scientific & Business Realpolitik: Insights from selling new ideas for Concept Research. 27. Two Views of the future: Structured Informatics and Research. Index