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Industrial Guide to Chemical and Drug Safety

Author: T. S. S. Dikshith , Prakash V. Diwan

ISBN13: 9780471236986

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €146.70
Pages: 629
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: Mai 2003

Exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and drugs has become common in industrial, laboratory, and even household environments. Fortunately, global understanding and consequently global safety standards regarding the management of toxic and hazardous substances are fast approaching uniformity. The methods of handling, use, transportation, storage, and disposal in particular are moving toward standardization. As these protocols involving chemicals and drugs continue to cross international borders, students and professionals need a reliable resource to ensure they observe appropriate safety standards. The Industrial Guide to Chemical and Drug Safety covers not only current standards, but also a wealth of information on toxins to help regulatory bodies develop new protocols. Written in an accessible narrative style, the Guide covers chemicals by key classes such as solvents, pesticides, and metals, and also by key industries such as drugs, food additives, plastics, cosmetics, detergents, and soaps. The book explains the beneficial and harmful aspects of a broad range of materials to which students, trainees, skilled workers, managers, and personnel associated with regulatory agencies are exposed, with the purpose of helping them avoid the illnesses associated with the misuse of chemicals and drugs. Chapters include: -Heavy Metals -Pesticides -Industrial Solvents -Industrial Gases and Fumes -Drugs -Target Organ Toxicity -Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals -Guidance to Students and Workers -Good Laboratory Practice