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The Book of Yields: Accuracy in Food Costing and Purchasing, 7th Edition

Author: Francis T. Lynch

ISBN13: 9780471745907

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €26.00
Pages: 320
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: März 2007

Now in a revised and updated edition, The Book of Yields: Accuracy in Food Costing and Purchasing is the chef's best resource for planning and preparing food more quickly and accurately. It is the food service manager's most powerful tool for controlling costs. With over 200 new foods added since the previous edition, this Seventh Edition offers real-world practices and combines the text with a workbook providing wholesale food prices, worksheets for costing ingredients, and worksheets for planning food purchases. All worksheets show how to do the math! Constructed with a durable comb binding that allows it to lay flat while students work in the kitchen, this hands-on reference provides a substantial collection of accurate food measurements for more than 1,000 raw food ingredients. Measurements are given in weight-to-volume equivalents, trim yields, and cooking yields. Completely up to date with helpful information relating to food preparation, purchasing decisions, and controlling costs, The Book of Yields, Seventh Edition will always be the best, most practical tool in your kitchen. * Organized by type of food-such as dry and fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit, flours, meats, and others * Contains measurements that reflect how specific foods are typically measured in recipes-including the number of tablespoons or whole pieces in one ounce * For produce items, trim yields are presented as both weight and percentage of original weight, as well as how many cups of a trimmed and cut fruit or vegetable are obtained from the original weight and what one trimmed cup weighs * Reflects the current trend towards more global menu offerings by including many new Asian and Latin foods The Book of Yields, Seventh Edition is a valuable, easy-to-use resource for students as well as professional chefs and food service managers who need quick and exact measurements for scratch items. Go to for downloadable Instructor Resources