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The Hors D'Oeuvre Bible

Author: David Paul Larousse

ISBN13: 9780471013129

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €52.20
Pages: 432
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: März 1995

The art of creating enticing and delectable hors d'oeuvres, like most other art forms, is both steeped in ancient and venerable traditions and constantly revitalized through the creativity and innovation of contemporary artists. In its broadest definition, the term hors d'oeuvre-outside the main piece-expands to include antipasti, pasta, hot and cold egg dishes, vegetable dishes, soups, and salads, as well as bite-sized canapés and other dainties eaten with the fingers or small utensils. In The Hors d'Oeuvre Bible, David Paul Larousse spans the length and breadth of the hors d'oeuvre galaxy to delight, amaze, and inspire you with the tastiest, most voluptuous hors d'oeuvre recipes he has collected over more than two decades of dedicated exploration. From classical hors d'oeuvres, now served in only a handful of great restaurants around the world, to the heavenly creations of some of today's most imaginative culinary professionals, Larousse guides you step-by-step through the design, preparation, and presentation of more than 700 spectacular dishes. Numerous procedural drawings and an entire section on fundamentals help you master the nuts-and-bolts techniques of hors d'oeuvre preparation, and ”architectural drawings” illustrate the art of building canapés that are as stunning to the eye as they are pleasing to the palate. Sixteen pages of full-color photographs set a standard of elegance and style for finished presentations. Larousse also supplies colorful anecdotes on the origins of various dishes, how they got their names, and the people who were inspired to create them. Not only does The Hors d'Oeuvre Bible provide all the techniques and practical information you need for perfect preparation of the many recipes presented, but also it will open your eyes to a world of artistic possibilities. It will inspire you to develop your own special style of preparation and to create sublime hors d'oeuvres of your own. A rich and rewarding recipe and reference source for food and cooking professionals and dedicated amateur cooks, this book is also a valuable learning tool for culinary students that will remain a trusted companion long after course work is completed. From savory delicacies designed to be eaten with the fingers, to tempting first courses and exquisite side dishes, elegantly prepared hors d'oeuvres are as enticing to the eye as they are pleasing to the palate. With this comprehensive, professional-level reference/recipe book, you will learn step-by-step how to design, construct, and present these choice morsels and have your guests begging for more. * This complete guide to the creation of over 700 incomparable delicacies includes recipes for canapés, antipasti, tartlets and barquettes, puffs/pastries/croustades, fish and shellfish, timbales, fruit and vegetable dishes, salads, and more * 60 unique procedural drawings illustrate preparation techniques * 30 architectural drawings show you how to build canapés as miniature works of art * 16 pages of stunning full-color photographs illustrate finished hors d'oeuvre presentations The Hors d'Oeuvre Bible is destined to become one of the most prized possessions of the professional chef, the dedicated amateur, the caterer, as well as the aspiring student.