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Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases


ISBN10: 824729587
ISBN13: 9780824729585

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 376
Publish date: November 2005

Provides insights on lifestyle factors relevant to health-related issues such as diet, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and stress Addresses the molecular basis and cellular effects of free-radical and lifestyle-related diseases Discusses free radicals, mechanisms of immune suppression and other disease factors related to oxidative stress Examines the therapeutic and prevention effects of specific nutrients, including flavonoids and polyphenols, and a whole range of phytonutrients The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, officially recognizing that various risk factors for disease are present in our environment, has proposed the concept of lifestyle-related diseases. These include those diseases that are tied to such lifestyle choices as excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, exposure to stress, and poor diet. Ongoing attention to this issue led to an International Symposium on Free Radicals and Health: Molecular Interventions and Protection of Lifestyle-Related Diseases bringing together the top experts in that area. With the belief that the recognition of the occurrence of risk factors and their identification are important to overcoming lifestyle-related diseases, three of those experts invited prominent participants at the symposium to contribute to a book. Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases is the result of that effort. This book is divided into three main sections: · Free Radicals, Lifestyle-Related Diseases, and Their Protection · Free Radicals, Brain Diseases, and Their Protection · Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods, Micronutrients, and Pharmacological Interventions When bad lifestyle choices cause oxidants and free radicals to have a negative influence on cell signaling and gene expression, lifestyle-related diseases are set into motion, which in turn lead to further oxidative stress. Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases addresses the molecular basis of free radicals and lifestyle-related diseases and preventive/therapeutic approaches including the use of nutraceuticals, functional foods, and pharmacological interventions. Each section contains several chapters addressing critical molecular mechanisms, therapeutic interventions, and other issues of relevance to human health that will be of interest to students and researchers in the health professions including nutritional and environmental scientists, molecular and cell biologists and others in the biomedical community