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Genetically Engineered Food: Methods and Detection, 2nd, Updated and Enlarged Edition

Author: Knut J. Heller (Editor)

ISBN13: 9783527313938

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €120.00
Pages: 322
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: Oktober 2006

Continuing the very successful first edition, this book reviews the most recent changes to the legal situation in Europe concerning genetically engineered food and labeling. Due to the extremely rapid developments in green biotechnology, all the chapters have been substantially revised and updated. Divided into three distinct parts, the text begins by covering applications and perspectives, including transgenic modification of production traits in farm animals, fermented food production and the production of food additives using filamentous fungi. The second section is devoted to legislation, while the final part examines methods of detection, such as DNA-based methods, and methods for detecting genetic engineering in composed and processed foods. From the reviews of the first edition: ”This work promises to be a standard reference in the detection of genetically engineered food. I believe this work will find a valued place for any scientist, regulator or technical library that deals with biotechnology or detection of genetically engineered food organisms.” —James J. Heinis, Journal of Agricultural & Food Information