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Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology

Author: Byong H. Lee

ISBN13: 9780471186168

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €161.70
Pages: 448
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: Juni 1996

”Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology” details the developments in biotechnology related to food production and processing, including new applications involving food ingredient processing, plant tissue cultures, and genetic engineering. The text successfully translates the basic scientific information of food-related biotechnology into industrial and research applications. The initial chapters provide tutorials reviewing the principles of biochemistry, microbiology, and biochemistry engineering to provide the fundamental knowledge required to comprehend biotechnology. The second section of this textbook explains how different biotechnology processes and products are applied to food products. The concluding chapters describe new and potential applications of biotechnology in plants and animals, in devising biosensors for detecting microorganisms and otherwise monitoring food quality, in waste management and food processing, and in food safety. Each chapter contains problems with solutions as well as extensive references to provide avenues for future studies. ”Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology” also includes a glossary of important terminology to facilitate learning.