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Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology, 2nd Edition

Author: Robert A. Pollack , Lorraine Findlay , Walter Mondschein , R. Ronald Modesto

ISBN13: 9780471420828

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €48.90
Pages: 280
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: November 2004

”The best feature of this lab manual is its style and organization. It is not just readable, it is thorough.... It is comparable to the best lab manuals I have used or read.” — William Coleman, University of Hartford ”It is a friendly-to-student book and I think student users will appreciate it--even if they don't realize why. I think they will like microbiology just a bit more.” —Loyd J. Hays, University of Texas at San Antonio Clear, concise, and always engaging! Written specifically for allied health students, Pollack, Findlay, Mondschein, and Modesto’s Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology, 2/e focuses on what students need to succeed in the lab: clear, concise, and highly engaging exercises and activities, rather than content that is simply adapted from a standard microbiology textbook. Throughout the manual, a variety of interactive activities and experiments convey the basic concepts of microbiology––all in a student-friendly tone. Students also have the opportunity to explore methods that allow the safe movement or transfer of microbial cells from one type of growth environment to another, classification and identification of microbes, microbial biochemistry, as well as laboratory exercises from medical, food, and environmental microbiology.