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American Brasserie: 180 Simple, Robust Recipes Inspired by the Rustic Foods of France, Italy, and America

Author: Rick Tramonto , Gale Gand

ISBN13: 9780764524493

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Price: €19.00
Pages: 368
Edition: Paperback
Publish date: März 2003

Award-winning chefs Rick Tramonto and Gale Gand translate the French brasserie into a style that is uniquely American. Sharing 180 tempting recipes first found in their acclaimed Chicago restaurant, Brasserie T, the authors? recipes make a delicious transition from restaurant to home, allowing everyone to enjoy the pleasures of brasserie-style eating. Reflecting the classic dishes of France, Italy, and America, these recipes range from perfect starters such as Caramelized Onion Tart, to wonderful main dishes like Chicago Choucroute, to superb desserts such as Espresso Tuiles and Double-Chocolate Mousse Mud Pie. ”Tramonto and Gand put together meals of imaginative diversity.” ?Food & Wine