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Engineering Properties of Foods, Third Edition


ISBN10: 824753283
ISBN13: 9780824753283

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 768
Publish date: April 2005

§ Presents each chapter in a consistent format - allowing for efficient use of information § Provides data correlations with compositions and temperature - facilitating inclusion of variable properties in computer models § Leverages contributions from some of the leading experts in their fields throughout the international community § Contains seven new chapters along with two revised chapters - resulting in nine chapters of all new material Ten years have passed since this reference's last edition - making Engineering Properties of Foods, Third Edition the must-have resource for those interested in food properties and their variations. Defined are food properties and the necessary theoretical background for each. Also evaluated is the usefulness of each property in the design and operation of important food processing equipment. Of particular importance is that this latest edition offers seven new chapters - many of which introduce information on groundbreaking new properties. These chapters, along with the inclusion of two revised chapters from previous editions, result in a text that offers nine out of sixteen chapters of new material. This long-awaited third edition concentrates on a clear, comprehensive explanation of properties and their variations supplemented by abundant, representative information. By providing data in such a succinct and cogent manner, this comprehensive reference allows you to fully immerse in its depth and breadth of scope, while fully holding interest in the text.