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Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Food: A Food Industry Perspective


ISBN10: 849380049
ISBN13: 9780849380044

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 272
Publish date: Juni 1996

Presents techniques for accurate flow control Provides both historical and contemporary perspectives Explains why basic approaches to critical operations must be applied Describes commercially used heating and holding concepts Discusses pros and cons of selected product designs Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Food explains how aseptic processing and packaging first began and traces its fascinating progression over the last fifty years. It explores current technologies, discusses why they are used today, and explains why certain basic approaches to critical operations, such as pumping, heat exchange, fluid flow, and controls, must be applied. Commercially used heating and holding concepts are also explained, with emphasis on avoiding problems. This unique book states the technique and method of choice for accurate flow control (timing). It includes an explanation of secondary flow and describes its use to solve many of the heat exchange and fluid flow problems associated with particle-containing products. It also discusses the manufacturers of aseptic packaging equipment, exploring the types of products they produce and the advantages and disadvantages of their product design. Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Food fills in many of the information gaps left by other sources - a must-have reference for anyone working in this area.