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Food Storage Stability


ISBN10: 084932646X
ISBN13: 9780849326462

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 560
Publish date: Dezember 1997

Provides comprehensive treatments of sensory aspects, cellular biochemistry, texture, storage modeling, and physicochemical aspects of food stabilization Includes numerous figures that make concepts easy to grasp and remember Contains tables with extensive data on packaging that allow easy access to valuable information on all packaging materials Presents chemical equations and mechanistic flow charts that allow readers to understand the complex reactions relating to the instabilities of food constituents Describes mathematical approaches to predicting the effect of time and temperature on quality Food Storage Stability addresses one of the foremost problems faced by food processors - how to stabilize food once it is harvested. Using a holistic approach, the book discusses the changes responsible for food quality deterioration and considers strategies for minimizing or eliminating these degradative changes. Topics include: consumer perceptions and preferences, cellular changes, conversion of major constituents to more stable products, the effect of color and texture, packaging issues, and practical strategies for storing foods frozen, chilled, or at ambient temperature. Food Storage Stability is the only treatment of this subject that covers the diverse factors that influence quality retention in foods and integrates basic concepts in storage stability with practical applications. Food scientists and technologists concerned with changes in food quality are interested in ensuring that safe and appealing food products reach consumers - this is the book that will assist them with that important goal.