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Food Plant Sanitation


ISBN10: 824707931
ISBN13: 9780824707934

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 752
Publish date: September 2002

§ Details effective sanitation practices vital to the cereal, seafood, beverage, fruit, grain, fats and oils, and poultry processing industries § Presents the perspectives of 30 respected food industry experts § Features a reproduction of the FDA's Handbook of Food Defect Action Levels Comprehensive and accessible, Food Plant Sanitation presents fundamental principles and applications that are essential for food production safety. It provides basic, practical information on the daily operations in a food processing plant and reviews some of the industry's most recent developments. The book is unique from others on the topic in that it features the perspectives of more than 30 food safety experts from government, academia, and the food industry. These authorities cover nine major areas of interest: þ Federal and state regulations and guidelines þ Major biological and nonbiological contaminants þ Cleaning a food plant þ Sanitation and worker safety þ Housekeeping þ Product quality þ Commodity processing þ Retail food sanitation þ Enforcement In addition to covering primary sanitation practices, the book touches on the latest information on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. The mention of the HACCP is of particular importance because it is imperative that a food processing plant has put in place an acceptable sanitation program on principle and in practice before considering the program. Additional topics include the spread of bacterial and viral foodborne diseases, the risks from protozoa and nematodes in food production, and the design and development of self-inspection programs.