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Healthful Lipids


ISBN10: 1893997510
ISBN13: 9781893997516

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $202.00
Pages: 762
Publish date: Januar 2005

Healthful Lipids addresses critical and current regulatory issues and emerging technologies, as well as the efforts made toward the production of healthier lipids. This book examines the latest technological advancements and the emerging technologies in processing and analysis, health-related concerns, and strategies used in the production and application of healthful lipids. It also includes an in-depth patent review on enzyme modified and trans-free fats and oils. This book is a valuable reference not only to graduate students and individuals interested in food research, product development, food processing, nutrition, dietetics, quality assurance, genetic engineering of oil crops, oil processing, fat substitutes, and lipid biotechnology, but also to food industry professionals seeking background and advanced knowledge in lipids.