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Innovations in Food Processing


ISBN10: 1566767822
ISBN13: 9781566767828

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $179.95
Pages: 282
Publish date: Juli 2000

Presents the most advanced alternatives to current processing technologies Offers new engineering concepts for processing foods Includes microbial inactivation of foods by nonthermal processing Uses predictive models to describe microbial growth Provides engineering aspects of each described technology The food world has a number of options available to make the food industry more diverse, competitive, and efficient. Innovations in Food Processing investigates some of these options, alternative technologies, and strategies for properly addressing new challenges facing the food industry. It also provides specific examples on how these alternatives can be utilized in specific food products. This book presents a comprehensive review of new technologies to preserve foods, especially those based on nonthermal techniques. It covers a wide range of methods, including high pressure, pulsed electric fields, and hurdle technologies. Other chapters include information about the trends in emerging technologies over the past 40 years and predictive models that describe microbial growth. Expert contributors present thorough research results and critical reviews of each covered technology. The innovative approaches presented in Innovations in Food Processing will result in sound alternatives for addressing the ever-increasing demand for quality foods at a reasonable cost.