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Nutrition and AIDS, Second Edition


ISBN10: 849302722
ISBN13: 9780849302725

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 256
Publish date: September 2000

o Explores the scientific knowledge of how nutritional and dietary changes and herbal medicines benefit or harm patients o Provides the most current, concise scientific appraisal of the status of nutrients, foods, and herbal (alternative) medicines in preventing or treating AIDS and its symptoms for improved quality of life o Surveys drugs and dietary factors that can adversely affect damaged immune systems Evidence shows that nutritional supports can help maintain health in the HIV-infected patient by replacing lost nutrients, compensating for nutritional damage done by the retrovirus-induced immunodeficiency, and stimulating the remaining immune system and cells for better host defenses. This new edition of Nutrition and AIDS is a timely look at what dietary materials, supplements, and foods may benefit or treat AIDS, as well as nutritional deficiencies that can accelerate progression to AIDS and death. It offers a variety of alternative dietary and herbal remedies, including some that have been tested in animals and humans to stimulate immune defense or compensate for changes induced by HIV infection. In addition, it surveys items that may accelerate nutritional depletion in AIDS patients, such as cocaine, alcohol, and tobacco use. It includes data from animal studies modeling AIDS and nutrition, studies not yet done in humans but applicable to them. Including updated reviews on topics from the author's earlier publications on the subject, with a focus on how to use this nutritional information to treat or retard development of AIDS, Nutrition and AIDS brings to the forefront the most recent advances in understanding the nutritional deficiencies of AIDS and HIV-positive patients.