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Food and Nutritional Toxicology


ISBN10: 1587160714
ISBN13: 9781587160714

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 336
Publish date: März 2004

Presents a comprehensive overview of food toxicology and food safety assessment methods Includes extensive coverage of naturally occurring food toxicants Discusses the use of epidemiology, toxicity testing, and toxicokinetics in food toxicology Covers foodborne intoxications, infections, and diseases linked to food Food and Nutritional Toxicology provides a broad overview of the chemicals in food that have the potential to produce adverse health effects. The book covers the impact on human health of food containing environmental contaminants or natural toxicants, food additives, the migration of chemicals from packaging materials into foods, and the persistence of feed and food contaminants in food products. Chapters address the adverse effects of nutrient excesses, the impact of contaminants on nutrient utilization, metabolism of food toxicants, and the relationship of the body's biologic defense mechanisms to such toxicants. The book includes discussions on the risk determination process, food safety regulation, and the current status of the regulatory processes. Presenting the general principles of toxicology, this authoritative reference enhances the understanding of foodborne intoxications, infections, and diseases linked to foods. This in-depth study establishes a solid background in the principles and prevention of foodborne disease and the regulation of food safety.