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Fun with Marzipan

Author: Harry Ulrich

ISBN13: 9783875163322

Publisher: Matthaes Verlag GmbH

Price: €68.00
Pages: 240
Edition: Hardcover
Publish date: Januar 1970

Marzipan - hardly any other material in the pastry shop offers the professional more scope for imaginative design. In 'Fun with Marzipan' Harry Ulrich demonstrates how to model creatively with marzipan and to design humorous miniatures that can be used in many ways: as individual show pieces for special occasions produced in series for various annual occasions, such as Easter, Christmas etc. as decorations for special cakes as table decorations for festive occasions, and so on The range of applications for these miniatures is almost limitless. Fun with Marzipan contains more than 100 creations for all occasions: weddings, births, anniversaries, Easter, Halloween, but also everyday occurrences such as 'A small thank you' or 'My sweet apologies'. Important details of the production process have been illustrated step-by-step with photos and text. An extra chapter has been dedicated to covering in detail the basics of modeling and coloring. English Edition (zur deutschsprachigen Beschreibung )