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Safety Assessment of Genetically Engineered Fruits and Vegetables: A Case Study of the Flavr Savr Tomato


ISBN10: 084934803X
ISBN13: 9780849348037

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $169.95
Pages: 288
Publish date: Mai 1992

Provides the most extensive documentation to date demonstrating the safety of a genetically engineered whole food Presents exhaustive data analyzing the molecular biology of the transgenic insert in the FLAVR SAVR? tomato Demonstrates the complete approach used to seek FDA approval of the FLAVR SAVR? tomato Gives field trial results Provides extensive processing and fresh market tomato data, plus a thorough discussion of the tomato crop Use of genetically engineered plants for food production has raised many questions about food safety. Scientists, environmentalists, and government regulators have debated safety issues since the advent of genetic engineering. Recently, Calgene, Inc. became the first company to go to the FDA to request its evaluation of what will likely be the first whole food produced using genetic engineering technology: the FLAVR SAVR? tomato. This book outlines Calgene's strategy and approach for obtaining FDA approval, providing a detailed description of information and data necessary to demonstrate the safety of a genetically engineered whole food. The book serves as a model for other organizations attempting to demonstrate safety of their genetically engineered food products. For researchers and faculty, it provides the most extensive data and discussions on engineered foods. The book will provide a valuable resource for students, environmentalists, and others concerned about the use of genetic engineering, demonstrating the exact precision of the technology and its value as a breeding tool for crop development.