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Encyclopedia of Food & Color Additives


ISBN10: 849394163
ISBN13: 9780849394164

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $1.00
Pages: 3000
Publish date: November 1996

What? FDA or PAFA name. List of Synonyms. Current CAS Number. Other CAS Numbers. Empirical Formula. Specifications. Where? Description. Natural Occurrence. Natural Sources. When? GRAS status. Regulatory Notes. Table of Regulatory Citations. How? Purity. Functional Use in Food. THE FIRST SOURCE TO CONTAIN COMPLETE PROFILES OF 2,500 FOOD ADDITIVES AND INGREDIENTS? This 3-volume set provides all the answers to technical, legal, and regulatory questions in clear, nontechnical language. Information once scattered among the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), other government and technical publications, or only available through the Freedom of Information Act, is made easily accessible in the Encyclopedia of Food and Color Additives. You will find descriptions of all substances listed in the Everything Added to Food in the U.S. (EAFUS) database, including food additive categories and some substances not considered to be additives, such as corn oil. The Encyclopedia avoids the hazard of providing too much or too little information with a concise, understandable description of each substance. There is no need to waste time wading through paragraphs of unrelated text. All data is clearly organized in alphabetical or numerical order, so even with a minimal amount of knowledge about any additive, you can locate it instantly. The Encyclopedia provides you with a quick, understandable description of what each additive is and what it does, where it comes from, when its use might be limited, and how it is manufactured and used. The Encyclopedia of Food and Color Additives sorts through the technical language used in the laboratory or factory, the arcane terms used by regulatory managers, and the legalese used by attorneys, providing all the essentials for everyone involved with food additives. Consultants, lawyers, food and tobacco scientists and technicians, toxicologists, and food regulators will all benefit from the detailed, well-organized descriptions found in this one-stop source.