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Food Biotechnology, Second Edition


ISBN10: 824753291
ISBN13: 9780824753290

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $449.00
Pages: 2008
Publish date: November 2005

Demonstrates the effect biotechnology has on food production, processing, and quality Integrates basic concepts of molecular biology and biochemical pathways for food technology applications Discusses technology for transgenic microorganisms, plants, animals, and fish Provides insights on biotechnology strategies for the development of functional foods and ingredients Analyzes the pathogenicity and control of food-borne bacterial and fungal pathogens Explores the fermentation biotechnology of modern and traditional foods worldwide, including the bioprocessing of food wastes Provides information on regulatory and patent issues Revised and updated to reflect the latest research and advances available, Food Biotechnology, Second Edition demonstrates the effect that biotechnology has on food production and processing. It is an authoritative and exhaustive compilation that discusses the bioconversion of raw food materials to processed products, the improvement of food quality, the importance of food safety, the design of ingredients for functional foods, and the biochemical advances made in traditional fermentation. It also provides an international perspective on the discipline as a whole. The content of the book is divided into three sections for easy reference. The first section provides an overview of the basic principles and explains microbial applications. The next section explains plant tissue culture techniques, genetic engineering of plants and animals, functional food ingredients and their health benefits, probiotics, antibody production for oral vaccines, and topics on enzyme technologies. The final section discusses food safety issues and the various bio-processing and fermentation biotechnologies used throughout the world. Food Biotechnology, Second Edition is an indispensable guide for anyone who needs to understand the latest information on food production and processing from a biotechnology perspective.