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Steamed Food & Cooking

Author: Kim Chung Lee

ISBN10: 075481744X
ISBN13: 9780754817444

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £6.99
Pages: 64
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: Juni 2007

An inspirational collection of authentic steamed recipes from China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma and Thailand Mouthwatering dishes include Spiced Scallops in their Shells, Chicken and Vegetable Bundles, Pan-steamed Mussels with Thai Herbs, and Warm Vegetable Salad with Peanut Sauce Includes expert advice, practical information on equipment, and useful preparation and steaming techniques Features over 20 clearly written recipes, beautifully illustrated with more than 100 glorious colour photographs of every dish China, Japan and South-east Asia produce some of the world's most exciting cuisines, and they all share a love of steamed food. Steaming food produces an enticing mix of flavour, fragrance, texture and colour, which is why it is so popular in Asia, where food is presented and eaten with great attention to detail. Steaming is also extremely healthy - little or no extra fat is added, and the food retains its full nutritional value. Little surprise then that it is now so hugely popular in the West.This delightful cookbook brings together a fabulous collection of over 20 tantalizing steamed recipes from China, Japan and South-east Asia. There are delicious appetizers such as Mini Pheonix Rolls and Aromatic Stuffed Chilies, and tasty savouries such as Sticky Rice Parcels and Pan-steamed Mussels with Thai Herbs. Vegetable side orders include Steamed Morning Glory with Fried Garlic and Shallots, and Vegetables with Chiang Mai Spicy Dip.With practical advice on equipment, preparation and steaming techniques, easy-to-follow recipe instructions and beautiful colour photographs for every dish, this gorgeous little book will provide you with endless inspiration for all kinds of mouthwatering meals.