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A Year of Desserts

Author: Martha Day

ISBN10: 754816753
ISBN13: 9780754816751

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £14.99
Pages: 512
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: Juli 2006

More than 350 irresistibly sweet temptations for after-dinner indulgence Easy-to-follow chapters feature every variety of dessert, Hot Desserts, Cold Desserts, Cakes & Gateaux, Pastries & Pies, Custards, Souffles & Mousses, Fruit Salads, Ices & Sorbets Includes a large selection of no-fat and low-fat desserts Step-by-step pictures ensure that even inexperienced cooks are guranteed success, with beautiful images of each finished dish Guidance on ingredients, equipment and techniques, together with useful cook's tips throughout, make this a vital addition to any kitchen library Every recipe shown step by step in over 1600 stunning colour photographs This book is every dessert-lover's dream. It contains fabulous recipes for every dessert imaginable and can be used on any occasion. With light-as-air mousses, refreshing fruit concoctions, creamy cheesecakes and gorgeous chocolate treats, here is the only dessert cookbook you will ever need.Luscious, zesty and tempting - every dish will delight and amaze. Try a chocolate Almond Meringue Pie, Hot Mocha Rum Souffles or Raspberry Trifle for total indulgence. For the more health-conscious, there is a large selection of low and no-fat delights, including Nectarine and Hazelnut Meringues, Passion Fruit Brulee and even guilt-free Tia Maria Gateau. Quick-and-easy Peach and Ginger Pashka, and Chocolate Fudge Sundaes provide desserts in a flash, while the Sachertorte and Tarte au Citron are fit to grace any dinner-party table.A comprehensive introduction provides essential information about ingredients, equipment and basic techniques. Each recipe is illustrated with clear step-by-step photographs to show the key stages, and there are useful cook's tips to ensure you get great results every time.If you adore sweet treats and want to take your desserts to another dimension, this delectable compendium is for you.