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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wine, Beer and Spirits

Author: Brian Glover Stuart Walton

ISBN10: 754816494
ISBN13: 9780754816492

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £14.99
Pages: 512
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: Juli 2006

WINE - Take a globe-trotting tour of the world's great wine regions, from Bordeaux to Rioja, and from South Africa's Cape to Australia's Barossa Valley BEER - Authoritative guide to the traditions of brewing and the drinking of beer - Discover amazing facts about the history, production and marketing of beer, and regional brewing SPIRITS, LIQUEURS and FORTIFIED WINES - A definitive guide to spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines with instructions for making more than 100 cocktails: how to muc up a Moscow Mule, Singapore Sling or Margarita and how to pour the perfect Martini This expert and accessible reference guide provides all the facts you need to enjoy these classic drinks to the full, with fascinating background information on how they are made, best-known producers and brand names, flavours, aromas and serving advice.Part One - Wine. Country by country and region by region, this is a definitive tour through the world of wine: the greatest grapes and making the most of serving wine. Take a globe-trotting tour round the world's wine regions from Bordeux to the the Barossa Valley. Find out more about wines that you have heard about but never tasted, discover new producers and the techniques and trends of winemaking. There is advice on what to look for when tasting a wine as well as how best to store and serve wine and suggestions for choosing wines to serve with food.Part Two - Beer. An authoritative guide to beer that will satisfy the curiosity of anyone who wants to know where their favourite brews come from and how they are made. Discover the amazing facts and stories that lie behind the history, production and marketing of beer. You will take an informative journey round the world of beer - from the ancient breweries of Flanders to the thriving micro-breweries of the United States. Also learn about each region's traditions of brewing, and strength and taste of its popular and unusual brews.Part Three - Spirits, Liqueurs and Fortified Wines. The definitive guide to spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines with information on non-alcoholic mixers. Discover where and how each is made, best-known producers and brand names, ingredients, flavours and aromas and serving advice. The book also includes instructions for more than 100 cocktails - learn how to mix up a Moscow Mule or Margarita, and how to pour the perfect Martini.This exhaustive reference gives a fascinating insight into the vast range of brewed and fermented drinks. Combining informative text with more than 1500 glorious photographs, hand-painted maps and delightful illustrations, this is an essential guide to identifying and serving alcohol-based drinks.