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The Every Day Chicken Cookbook

Author: Simona Hill

ISBN10: 754816540
ISBN13: 9780754816546

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £14.99
Pages: 512
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: Mai 2006

More than 400 recipes for all occasions and budgets, from Lemon Chicken Stir-fry for a light midweek lunch and Pot-roast Chicken with Sausage Stuffing to feed a hungry family, to Chicken with Figs and Mint to serve at a special event Coq au Vin, Chicken Fajitas, Poussins Veronique, Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic, Chicken in a Salt Crust, Chicken Chasseur, Chicken Biryani, Balti Chicken Tikka Masala - the world's most popular classic dishes are all included A comprehensive introduction to the different types of poultry and game bird, with techniques for every method of preparation and cooking from boning, trussing and carving to stir-frying, barbecuing and roasting Includes every imaginable chicken curry recipe, whether mild and aromatic or sweet and spicy, from Chicken Korma to Fragrant Thai Chicken Curry, as well as hot and fiery dishes to tempt the most adventurous appetite Chicken is a favourite in every cuisine throughout the world. This delicious white meat with its mild flavour and pleasant texture is rich in high-quality protein. Nutritious and economical, chicken is naturally low in fat, making it a healthy mealtime choice. Few ingredients are as versatile as chicken and it is this quality that makes it so popular. This book brings together over 400 classic and original recipes from around the globe, celebrating the best of the world's cuisine. So whether you enjoy traditional Sunday roasts, flavourful and gently aromatic casseroles, hot and fiery Mexican dishes, or mild and spicy curries, here are irresistible recipes that are sure to tempt your palate and inspire your menu choices. If you are entertaining on a grand scale, monitoring your diet or simply want to feed a hungry family economically, this book will have a recipe to suit every occasion. Try Roast Turkey Flavoured with Mushrooms for Sunday lunch, Balti Chicken Curry for a winter supper dish, or Chicken and Asparagus Risotto for a delicious midday meal.Each recipe is illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions and there are over 2,000 step-by-step photographs to show you how every dish should look at each stage. With this book you need never be stuck for a chicken dish again.