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The Clever Cook: Best Ever Meals on a Budget

Author: Lucy Doncaster

ISBN10: 754816044
ISBN13: 9780754816041

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £14.99
Pages: 256
Edition: Hardback with plc and jacket
Publish date: September 2006

All you need to know to create great value meals that are still deliciously tasty, healthy and well-balanced 200 inspiring recipes for low-cost yet delicious soups, starters, main courses and desserts - feast for hardly anything on a meal of a hearty tuscan bean soup, baked peppers with egg and lentils or irish stew, and then a magic chocolate mud pudding Expert tips, hints and guidelines for saving money in the kitchen without compromising on quality, quantity or flavour Every recipe shown step-by-step in over 800 beautiful colour photographs Includes seasonality charts, basic recipes and useful freezing and preserving methods to make the most of your purchasing power Includes complete nutritional information for every recipe This inspiring new book reveals how to create amazingly low cost family meals that are still tasty, varied and nutritious. Using great-value ingredients and a little common sense, a delicious two-course meal can cost you less than a shop-bought sandwich, even including the accompaniments. An informative and accessible introduction gives practical advice on getting the most out of your shopping - how to explore economical outlets such as markets, wholesalers and some independent stores as well as the supermarkets, and how to be aware of what is local or in season and therefore more reasonably priced. Freezing and simple preserving techniques allows the clever cook to make the most of bulk buys, seasonal gluts and special promotions.The book includes seasonality charts and expert tips to ensure that you are getting the best value, flavour and quality for your money. Simple recipes for such basics as custard, pastry and chicken stock reduce the need for pricey ready-made products, as well as being healthier and tastier. 200 tested recipes then show step-by-step how these principles can be put into practice to produce fabulous meals for every occasion. The irresistible dishes range from soups and starters to main courses and delectable desserts. At-a-glance menu planners show the best combinations of recipes, and there are additional ideas for simple starters - such as melon and ginger - and instant desserts - such as baked bananas - to create a complete yet low-cost meal with ease.From dips and salads to pasta, pies and puddings, all shown in over 800 beautiful colour photographs, this book will delight every cook on a budget who needs to create fabulous family meals time after time without breaking the bank.