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Getting Great Results From your Ice Cream Machine

Author: Joanna Farrow Sara Lewis

ISBN10: 1844764036
ISBN13: 9781844764037

Publisher: Lorenz Books

Price: £9.99
Pages: 160
Edition: Paperback with flaps
Publish date: Mai 2007

How to use your ice cream machine to create more than 100 divine iced desserts Features more than 550 specially commissioned photographs, including easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a stunning picture of each of the finished dessert Recipes range from simple sorbets and water ices to delicious ice creams and healthy cream-free, low-fat, low-sugar variations for health and special diets A comprehensive introduction provides essential information on the history of ice cream, key equipment, ingredients and techniques, and ideas for making fantastic sauces, baskets, biscuits, toppings and decorations Choose from a traditional favourites, such as Classic Vanilla Ice Cream, Tutti Frutti Ice Cream or Chocolate Double Mint Ice Cream, or try something more contemporary, such as Apple Crumble Ice Cream, Black Forest and Kirsch Ice Cream, or Ginger and Kiwi Sorbet Ice creams and iced desserts are enduring family favourites and make ideal sweet treats at any time of the year. From a simple scoop in a cone to refreshing sorbets and tangy granitas, this book contains everything you need to know to create delicious ice creams in your own home with any kind of ice cream machine.An informative and lively introduction relates the intriguing history of ice creams, how and when they were first discovered, how they were first made, and how ice cream machines evolved. Then comes information on the equipment and ingredients you will need, as well as basic techniques such as layering, rippling and marbling. There are also ideas for making baskets, biscuits, classic sauces, decorations and toppings.Next comes more than 100 stunning step-by-step recipes, ranging from classic ice creams, sorbets and water ices to innovative modern variations. Choose from traditional favourites such as Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, Triple Chocolate Terrine, or Classic Coffee Ice Cream, or try a healthier alternative from the cream-free, low-fat and low-sugar recipes, such as Banana Gelato, Raspberry Sherbet, or Cinnamon Ricotta Ice with Toasted Granola.Illustrated step-by-step with more than 550 stunning colour photographs, this book shows you how fun, easy and satisfying it is to make fantastic home-made ice cream, whatever your tastes and dietary requirements.