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Handbook of Food Analysis, Second Edition -3 Volume Set


ISBN10: 082475039X
ISBN13: 9780824750398

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $798.00
Pages: 2296
Publish date: Dezember 2004

Provides immediately applicable information on all major topics relevant to food analysis Offers expert guidance on the physical and chemical properties of nutrients Compiles contributions from more than 80 international experts Furnishes the latest available data Thoroughly updated and revised, the Handbook of Food Analysis, Second Edition presents an exhaustive compilation of analytical methods essential to every food chemist. This outstanding three-volume reference delineates the physical and chemical properties of nutrients and other food components and provides step-by-step descriptions of preparation, detection, separation, derivatization, and clean-up techniques and assesses the relative advantage, accurate, and reliability of each procedure. This edition adds coverage of new topics and techniques and reflects the very latest data and methodological advances. Volume 1 evaluates current methods of measuring optical properties and other physical characteristics of food and of tracing moisture and ash content and nutrient analyties ranging from peptides, proteins, and enzymes to aroma compounds to carbohydrates and starch. Volume 2 compiles modern methods for the detection of residues in foods from pesticides, herbicides, antibacterials, food packaging, and other sources. It also provides tools used in the analysis of various substances added to foods as enhancements or quality safeguards. Volume 3 explores usage and results with chemometrics, differential scanning calorimetry, chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques, DNA- and protein-bsed analyses, and cutting-edge methods utilizing biosensors and nanoscale analytical systems. Attuned to contemporary food industry concerns, the third volume also features new, topical coverage of the analysis of meat quality and the quantification of genetically modified organisms in food.