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Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity, Volume 3


ISBN10: 849335167
ISBN13: 9780849335167

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $129.95
Pages: 288
Publish date: März 2005

Includes contributions from the fields of medicine, public health, and environmental science Contains thirty-seven black and white photographs and forty-seven tables to support the information in the text Assembles the latest research on current issues in food safety and food technology Including the latest reviews of the most current issues related to food and nutrition toxicity, Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity, Volume 3 distills a wide range of research on food safety and food technology. Put together by a strong team with a wealth of broad experience, the continuation of this important new series includes contributions from the fields of medicine, public health, and environmental science. Topics covered in Volume Three include: · MEG-related toxic, pathological, and etiological findings in the liver, stomach, blood, testes/uterus, kidneys, peritoneum, and skin · Current information on pharmacokinetic and toxicodynamic aspects of methyl mercury toxicity · The limits set by various agencies for, and the possible effects of, exposure to Uranium via ingestion and inhalation · Evidence that nutrition can modify PCB toxicity and its implications in numerous age-related diseases · The most recent findings on oxysterols' toxic and pro-atherosclerotic effects and the use of antioxidants supplements to prevent their generation in foods · Examples of published safety data, drug interactions, and problems with formulated products · Potential dangers and benefits of genetically modified foods, moral and ethical issues, and benefit risk ratios · Emerging issues in food contamination, recently-discovered contaminants, the increased use of genetically engineered crops, and their effects on children · New views on the onset of celiac disease, its symptoms outside the gastrointestinal tract, and its diagnosis and management A timely compilation, the book sheds light on the most important issues in food safety today. It is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the food industry or academics researching food science and food technology.