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Ciguatera Seafood Toxins


ISBN10: 849360730
ISBN13: 9780849360732

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $239.95
Pages: 184
Publish date: Oktober 1990

Discusses the legal, scientific, and medical ramifications of ciguatera poisoning Features research issues, laboratory techniques, and a discussion regarding genetic variability in Gambierdiscus toxicus Presents topics such as medical approaches to treatment and legal avenues for victims Identifies areas of the world where ciguatera is common Ciguatera poisoning is a worldwide problem whose impact has serious health and economic ramifications. Ciguatera Seafood Toxins provides an introduction and technical reference for this syndrome, covering topics such as medical approaches to treatment, legal avenues for those who become poisoned, and an overview of the areas where ciguatera is common. Other chapters in the text discuss research issues, such as assay systems for ciguatera, neurological effects of the disease, and light and electron microscopy studies of tissue exposed to ciguatera-type toxins. The book provides comprehensive coverage of the laboratory techniques used in the purification and molecular characterization of the toxins implicated in the disease, as well as a discussion of the genetic variability of one of the causative organisms (Gambierdiscus toxicus) in culture. This is a must have book for anyone concerned with ciguatera poisoning and its legal, scientific, and medical consequences.