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Antioxidant Status, Diet, Nutrition, and Health


ISBN10: 084938009X
ISBN13: 9780849380099

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 672
Publish date: September 1998

Integrates the chemistry of free radicals and antioxidants with the antioxidant status of humans Discusses the factors determining the antioxidant status with special emphasis on diet (including absorption, bioavailability, transport, etc.), physiological stage, environmental factors, and disease Explains the mechanisms of antioxidants, focusing on LDL oxidation, the immune system, and cancer development Reviews the latest clinical and epidemiological data on the effect of antioxidants on health and prevention and treatment of disease Addresses important issues related to practical use of antioxidants, including dose, formulation, and use of supplements and safety Assesses current issues and future research This is the first book to integrate the biological, nutritional, and health aspects of antioxidant status. Fifty contributors integrate and transfer the knowledge of free radicals and antioxidants from the test tube to the laboratory of the biologist, clinical nutritionist, and medical researcher, as well as to the office of the dietician, nutritionist, and physician. Topics examined include factors affecting and methods for evaluating antioxidant status in humans, effect of diet and physiological stage (infancy, aging, exercise, alcoholism, HIV infection, etc.) on antioxidant status, and the role of antioxidant status in nutrition, health, and disease.