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Author: R.P. Singh

ISBN13: 9780444424464

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: €275.00
Pages: 376
Publish date: Januar 1987

Energy, obtained from nonrenewable resources, is vital in operating a wide variety of equipment in the modern food industry. Since the mid-1970s, when the energy prices increased dramatically, the food industry, like many other manufacturing industries, was impacted with high energy costs. During the last decade, several studies were conducted around the world to address the topic of energy use in food processing. This book contains a wealth of useful data on energy consumption in a wide variety of food industries. No publication to date provides such data in one volume. There are five major sections that provide a comprehensive treatment of such topics as methods used in energy accounting, measurement of energy, and exergy analysis. Quantitative data are presented on energy consumption in a variety of food industries such as blanching, freezing, canning, irradiation, evaporation, membrane processing, and dairy and catering establishments. Energy generation and heat recovery in the food industry is discussed along with an economic analysis of energy use in food processing. Twenty-one chapters are contributed by authors who have headed major studies on energy use in food processing in their respective countries. The data reported and analyzed in this book are presented in an international perspective. It is intended that this information will be useful to practising engineers and future researchers on energy use in food processing around the world.