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Author: By Daniel Hillel , Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.

ISBN13: 9780123485366

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: €66.95
Pages: 272
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: Dezember 2007

Dr. Hillel's new textbook conveys fundamental knowledge regarding the role of the soil as a central link in the chain of domains and processes comprising the terrestrial environment, a topic that must be an essential component of every curriculum in the environmental sciences-- including soil science, ecology, forestry, hydrology, geophysics, and geography. Dr. Hillel brilliantly reveals how the soil interacts dynamically with the atmosphere above and the lithosphere below, how it influences the planet?s climate and hydrological cycle, how it serves as the primary habitat for a community of living organisms, and how it affects the fate of humanity.This text offers an encompassing perspective regarding the soil?s impact on the environment by organizing chapters among the three main sets of interacting processes: Physical, Chemical, and Biological. Not only is this textbook affordable to students; it also includes a website with excercises, suggested field sites, and websites for supplementary information.