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Applied Food Biochemistry


ISBN10: 849374995
ISBN13: 9780849374999

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $139.95
Pages: 448
Publish date: Juni 2008

Presents a concise introduction of classical concepts including photosynthesis, proteins, lipids, enzymes, nucleic acids, vitamins Examines the risk and benefits of plant, animal, and human hormones to producers and consumers Offers a systems approach to describe living systems, food systems, human-food interactions, and genomics Examines the regulatory and legal aspects of herbs and dietary supplements Addresses the interaction between dietary bioactives and the human genome during cellular transcription, translation, and expression Reflecting the rapid pace of discovery that has taken place over the last decade, Applied Food Biochemistry presents a unique, up-to-date, and unified introduction to food chemistry from a biochemical standpoint. Featuring color illustrations to elucidate molecular concepts throughout the text, this book addresses the relationship between nutrition and genetics, food-environment interactions, and the regulation of contaminants, additives, herbs and dietary supplements. Coverage of recent developments includes water isotopes, bioactive lipids and carbohydrates, phytochemicals, essential oils, aroma compounds, phenolic acids, DNA traceability, nutrigenomics, and toxigenomics,