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Author: Third Edition Edited By Patrick Fox , University College Cork, Ireland Paul McSweeney , University College Cork, Ireland Timothy Cogan , Dairy Products Research Centre, Ireland Timothy Guinee , Teagasc, Ireland

ISBN13: 9780122636516

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: €350.00
Pages: 1056
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: Juli 2004

The market for cheese as a food ingredient has increased rapidly in recent years and now represents upto approximately 50% of cheese production in some countries. This third edition of the highly successful two-volume work on the scientific aspects of Cheese: Chemistry, Physics, and Microbiology is available in two volumes entitled General Aspects and Major Cheese Groups. This title contains up-to-date reviews of the literature on the chemical, biochemical, microbiological and physico-chemical aspects of cheese in general. Volume one will focus on general aspects on the principles of cheese science, while volume two focuses on major cheese groups which is devoted to the characteristics of the principle families of cheese. Cheese: Chemistry, Physics, and Microbiology Two-Volume Set is available for purchase as a set, and as well, so are the volumes individually.