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Author: Edited By Eduardo Bottani , Deceased October 2003 Juan Tascón , CSIC, Instituto Nacional del Carbon, Oviedo, Spain

ISBN13: 9780080444642

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: €200.00
Pages: 720
Edition: Hardbound
Publish date: Februar 2008

This book covers the most significant aspects of adsorption by carbons, attempting to fill the gap existing between the fields of adsorption and carbonaceous materials. Both basic and applied aspects are presented. The first section of the book introduces physical adsorption and carbonaceous materials, and is followed by a section concerning the fundamentals of adsorption by carbons. This leads to development of a series of theoretical concepts that serve as introduction to the following section, in which adsorption is mainly envisaged as a tool to characterize the porous texture and surface chemistry of carbons. Particular attention is paid to some novel nanocarbons, and the electrochemistry of adsorption by carbons is also addressed. Finally, several important technological applications of gas and liquid adsorption by carbons in areas such as environment protection and energy storage constitute the last section of the book.