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Handbook of Indices of Food Quality and Authenticity


ISBN10: 1855732998
ISBN13: 9781855732995

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $349.95
Pages: 561
Publish date: Januar 1997

Comprehensive survey of analytical methods for food quality, composition and safety Both standard and new methods for a wide range of basic and emerging applications Methods for each major food category and specific foods within each category Encyclopedic in scope, this new 560-page handbook provides the food scientist and food analyst with a very detailed and up-to-date survey of analytical methods for all major food categories and hundreds of specific foods and ingredients within those categories. Both time-tested standard methods and new advanced methods are examined. Applications range from basic safety to numerous emerging applications such as those related to agrochemical residues, degradation in processing and geographical origin. The contents are carefully organized for easy access, supplemented with extensive quantitative data in convenient tables, and supported with thousands of references from the international food science literature. This is a valuable new reference for all those involved in the analysis, evaluation, formulation and regulation of food products.