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Thermal Technologies in Food Processing


ISBN10: 849312167
ISBN13: 9780849312168

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $249.95
Pages: 256
Publish date: Oktober 2001

Overviews the complex science that describes the impact of heat on the quality attributes of foods Discusses future trends in thermal food processing Considers the use of heat as both a preservation mechanism and a tool to bring about textural and structural changes in products Reviews key developments in thermal food processing technology Focuses on recent developments and advances in thermal technology that reduce thermal damage to products during manufacture Takes a brief look at non thermal technologies, including ultrahigh pressure and pulsed electric fields New packaging media such as flexible trays, pouches, and glass containers have superceded traditional canning with great results. The availability of such packaging opportunities has created the demand for products of more challenging rheological behavior that may contain differing degrees of particulate material and hence the need for new designs of heat exchanger. While the primary concern of food manufacturers is the production of safe foods, there is little market for low quality foods no matter how safe they are. The need to maximize process efficiency and final product quality has led to a number of new developments, including refinements in existing technologies and the emergence of new minimal techniques. Thermal Technologies in Food Processing reviews all these key developments and looks at future trends, providing an invaluable resource for all food processors.