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Handbook of Pediatric Obesity: Clinical Management


ISBN10: 1574449133
ISBN13: 9781574449136

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $139.95
Pages: 416
Publish date: Februar 2006

Details pediatric obesity clinical management strategies, challenges, business plans, and evaluation methods Covers the medical aspects of treatment, complications and comorbidities, and the physician's role in the treatment Explores psychosocial, behavioral, nutritional, and physical considerations and how each affects the treatment process Presents a comprehensive survey of medical, nutrition, behavioral, and exercise evaluation methods and techniques Includes coverage of nutritional intervention, behavioral counseling, and methods to increase physical activity Examines the role of pharmacology and includes an overview of surgery options for significantly obese adolescents Discusses specific techniques for interdisciplinary, interactive group instruction for obese children, teens, and their families A compilation of management, medical, nutrition, psychological, and physical activity facts, models, theories, interventions, and evaluation techniques, the Handbook of Pediatric Obesity: Clinical Management is the most clinically appropriate and scientifically supported source of information available for pediatric health care and research professionals. This comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and easy-to-use reference can be used to develop programs that provide the best possible care to overweight children in clinical settings. Covering clinical evaluation, medical aspects of treatment, and psychosocial, behavioral, nutritional, and physical activity considerations, the book discusses approaches to weight management such as diet, behavioral counseling, exercise, pharmacology, and surgery. It presents coverage of applied techniques, information, and tools for developing, modifying, implementing, and evaluating weight-management programs for children and adolescents in clinical settings. Worksheets, menu plans, and sample exercise programs are just a few of the features that make this book practical as well as informative. It is clear that there is no single solution for every overweight child and the number of options can seem overwhelming. This text provides clinicians with the information and tools necessary to match or tailor the available treatment plans to the medical, physical, nutritional and emotional needs of their patients.