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Fats and Oils: Formulating and Processing for Applications, Second Edition


ISBN10: 849315999
ISBN13: 9780849315992

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 616
Publish date: Dezember 2003

Provides the latest information on genetically modified oils, edible oil extraction, animal fats rendering, structured oils, and more Presents up-to-date processing procedures and formulation techniques Includes an expanded guide for troubleshooting and problem solving Numerous nutritional findings and extensive evidence on the health benefits of diet and exercise have emerged since the publication of the successful first edition. Recent concerns about trans isomers acting like saturated fatty acids have encouraged formulation changes that require fats and oils processors to revise their preparation techniques. Understanding the functions and properties of these raw materials and the effects of their purification and modification processes are essential for creating functional fats and oils products in the interest of consumer health. This comprehensive reference to the fats and oils used in commercial food products provides detailed coverage of raw material sources, processing, formulation, quality control, and finished products. The second edition has been revised and updated to include GMO raw ingredients and extraction procedures, an extensive review on the nutritional aspects of fats and oils, and an expanded troubleshooting section. The text also features up-to-date processing procedures and formulation techniques, and the effects of new ingredients, processing and formulation on applications. All product categories are examined, including different types of shortenings, margarines, and liquid oils. Building upon the practical aspects of the first edition and featuring the most current information, this complete reference is an ideal source for personnel and students of the fats and oils industry and the food processing industry.