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Soy in Health and Disease Prevention


ISBN10: 849335957
ISBN13: 9780849335952

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 328
Publish date: augustus 2005

Summarizes information not found anywhere else in English Includes contributions from 17 leading researchers in various disciplines including cardiology, oncology, pharmacology, and nutrition Provides tremendous insight into Japan's progress in the study of functional foods Covers the evaluation, and symptoms of soy allergies, and the creation of hypoallergenic products Reviews intervention studies and the status of human trials Explores the relationship between soy consumption and reduced incidences of breast cancer While the western world has only recently become enamored with the soybean, East Asia has been consuming and enjoying the associated health benefits of this versatile proteinaceous legume for centuries. The Japanese in particular have devoted much energy to unraveling the mysteries and revealing the science of this oil-rich bean. The Fuji Foundation for Protein Research was established to support soybean studies, which have resulted in a considerable amount of profound literature on the soy-wellness connection. Unfortunately for westerners, very little of this information has been presented in English. Soy in Health and Disease Prevention, edited by the highly distinguished Michihiro Sugano, brings the west up to speed on the latest findings concerning this common, yet most powerful health aid. Perhaps, the most authoritative book on the subject available in any language, Soy in Health and Disease Prevention presents the very latest health and nutrition research and findings available on soy products. Functional food experts from Japan, as well as other parts of the world, explore the action and diverse health effects of the common soybean. Included is the latest information with regard to soy's impact on Cancer prevention Immune system function Osteoporosis Atherosclerosis Aging and longevity This book is essential reading for all researchers and students involved with the study and production of functional foods. Dr. Sugano who is the current director of the Fuji Foundation has published over 400 journal articles, as well as 80 book chapters. His primary area of research is in food functional factors, predominantly regulation of lipid metabolism.