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Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology, Second Edition,


ISBN10: 824782941
ISBN13: 9780824782948

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $249.95
Pages: 808
Publish date: maart 2000

Presents new chapters that focus on the utilization of cereals Contains chapters that are revised, updated, and supplemented with pertinent new information Discusses cereals from three points of view: agronomic, chemical, and technological utilization of each grain Covers each grain with respect to its breeding, economic, and production aspects Considers emerging trends in the cereal field This thoroughly revised second edition addresses the full spectrum of cereal grain science, employing agronomic, chemical, and technological perspectives and providing new and expanded treatment of food enrichment techniques, nutritional standards, and product quality evaluation. Written by over 40 internationally respected authorities, the Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology, Second Edition discusses recent developments in the chemical composition and functionality of cereal components such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, highlights newly developed special ingredients and microbiological operations in processed foods, and investigates the most up-to-date production, processing, and uses of triticale, wild rice, and other grains. The book also addresses the latest standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, international organizations, and industry lobby groups, illustrates how new breeds of cereal grains are developed and sustained, explains new processing techniques for producing baked goods, pasta, breakfast cereals, and snack foods, and evaluates up-to-the-minute methods of fortifying foods with folic acid and other supplements.